Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Suit Accessories


Suits can be easily accessorised with numerous different items. I will give you a guide on how to pick the right accessories to go with your chosen suit.

The first accessory is the hanky, this is such a simple item that adds a touch of class to the look of a suit. The hanky just has to be folded and placed in the pocket of the suit jacket. This is such a cheap addition to the suit. Hankies are available in nearly every colour under the rainbow and if you can't find the colour you a looking for they would also be very cheap to get made as they are just a simple piece of cloth.

Previously it wasn't necessarily correct to wear a belt with a suit. Wearing belts with suits is now very popular and men often match their belts with their shoes. For example, a man wearing brown leather shoes should wear a brown leather belt. Before belts were worn with suits they used braces or suspenders as they are also known to hold up their pants. The elastic bands from the suspenders were hidden by a waistcoat.

Waistcoats are a great accessory for suits. If you are attending a formal party you will find when a lot of men take off their suit jackets they loose that certain of class. By adding a waistcoat to the suit they will still look very formal after removing their suit jacket. If you are adding a waistcoat to a business suit it will add a touch of sophistication. Waistcoats have also become very popular as casual wear in the current fashion market and you will now find many people wearing them with jeans and t-shirts.

Another nice touch to a suit is adding cufflinks. They are used to tie both sides of a shirt sleeve. For cufflinks to be worn the shirt must be designed to have button holes with no buttons. The shirt sleeve may either be double cuffed which will fold over or else the shirt will be single cuffed. Cufflinks have become novelty gifts in recent times and you will find that there is grooms cufflinks, bestman cufflinks and father of the bride cufflinks.

The last accessory I will outline is the cumberbund. It is basically a large waist sash that is worn as an alternative to a waistcoat to weddings and other formal black tie events.


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