Monday, 30 May 2011

USE the Right PERFUME for AN Everlasting IMPRESSION

USE the Right PERFUME for AN Everlasting IMPRESSION

They say their first impression is the last. And as part of making a first impression is its fragrance. No matter what time of day or time of year to use the right perfume for men and perfume for women is very essential to complement your personality. Most men need to use even more than women in their daily activities that involve a lot of hard work that they sweat more than women. 

Today there are many different ranges of perfumes on the market, get your hands on the right can be a daunting task. Our sense of smell can easily get distracted by these fragrances with odor vibrant. 

Men often have more difficulty than women to choose a fragrance because the simple fact that women are more sensitive to smell than men. Exactly why it is very essential for a man to make sure not to choose a perfume that subjugates a woman's sense of smell. 

Before going into a store all ready to spend their hard earned money in a small bottle of perfume, make sure you have a clear idea of ​​what you want, so do not get stuck on the annoying vendors trying to confuse more than ever. 

Here is a list of suggestions we made for you to help you narrow down some of the best fragrances for men: 

1) To begin with, while evidence of a perfume, make sure not to spray on the wrist or around your body, like the body of different odors tend to blend together. On the other hand, try spraying on a card.

2) Then make sure to keep your sense of smell fresh at all times to get a better idea of ​​what you are buying. Take a walk outside the store and go smell some fresh air. So you can distinguish the scent of another. Some people even use coffee beans to refresh their scent. 

3) Taking account of the events, your work space, etc. to decide on the colony type to use. If not much in colognes and perfumes, then you can opt for after-shave and scented soaps. 

The best way to choose one is to bring a woman with you when you buy your perfume. We will decide what suits you best. This can be a big turn on if you bring your girlfriend or someone who wants to leave. 

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