Wednesday, 25 May 2011

3 Tips to look good


Three tips for any person, whatever the budget to look like a million dollars

There are many reasons why we do not have the resources to devote to a cabinet star.

That does not mean you have to look as if seen the totem pole of disposable income in your family. My three best "Look like a Million Dollars" tips will allow you to project an image that is prosperous, substantial and as a man of means with a big payout. And if you think that your "line" is, this does not apply to you - think again! People respond more favorably to those who see success in whatever they do. His own confidence quickly mirror of your eyes, creating a very positive cycle of success!

1. Its leather goods, shoes, belt and wallet are stronger indicators of social status and wealth than you know. Striped, used in high heels, fashion shoes for plastic-and unsophisticated say faster than I can say to yourself. Whipping out a padded wallet, bedraggeled when you're looking to impress the lady, the client or the boss just deflates.

Your investment shoe will be more - but well worth it. I recommend you consider the shoes you buy to be in terms of years of use and proper care resoling, waterproofing and the use of molds.

I recommend that criticism inspect and replace its leather goods sooner rather than later.

2. Use custom monogrammed shirts. Nothing says "I did" like a fist monogram shirt peeking out from under a jacket sleeve. And the fact that most people assume that you paid $ 300 for a shirt that makes it even more powerful. That's why I think the company JHilburn. com is a great resource for Men - Shirts from $ 79 ($ 89 w / monogram) and no minimum order requirements means that you can order a "best" shirt - or a whole closet full and Do not break the bank.

3. Make a relationship with an excellent tailor. Nobody is likely to be inspected sewing, fabric and the lining of his suit for the kind of quality that the $ 1000 or more offers. But you will notice a $ 2000 suit that is cut in bad shape and size. But back to the extent this is not a dry cleaner to hem his pants, it is a measure of quality with its own long-standing establishment.

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