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Gianfranco Ferre - Best Italian Designers

Gianfranco Ferre - Best Italian Designers

Italian fashion designer Gianfranco Ferre managed to merge creativity and consistency in one piece. An architect by profession, he Applied His knowledge of symmetry in His creations. He created a style, Which Reflected balance. Ferre's fashion sense Sees The Thin Line Between disciplines and rebellion resulting in a unique design, Which made an impact in fashion history. 

Born on August 14, 1944 in Legnano, Italy, Ferre Grew up in a traditional family HIM WHERE His Mother Taught the value of discipline and education. He Gained His degree in architecture in 1969. Threading a curved path to fashion, he started designing accessories The following year. He Became a raincoat designer from 1972-1974. He started His own company Called Baila in 1974. 

Equipped with technical skills and imagination, Ferre Established His signature label in 1978 with partner Franco Mattioli. He first Launched in women's wear collection characteristically minimalist yet modern. Ferre's feminine line is glamorous but not fancy. He Takes pleasure in using luxury materials Such as fur, leather and taffeta pieces in Less Than That looks nothing extravagant. 

Ferre's men's wear collection is classic yet stylish. His suits are tailored with a very traditional yet modern twist. The style is relaxed and comfortable, Which Conforms to the 1980's power trends. "There is an in-bred eccentricity in London Which Allows clothes to be worn on Completely original and modern proportions," He Said When asked what inspired His design. His first men's collection Was Launched in 1982. He Had His couture collection in Rome in 1986. 

A hands-on artist and entrepreneur, Ferre put His mind and heart into details of design, marketing as well as advertising. He Had an impressive sense of responsibility, Which made HIM an icon in His field. 

A six-time winner of the Golden Eye Award for Best Italian designer and recipient of Numerous other awards, Ferre HAD undoubtedly made a legacy before His death in 2007. His collection expanded from the original Gianfranco Ferré, the main line for men, more women to range Specialized Such as Ferre, the more casual line Also known as the White Label, Red Ferre, Especially designed for plus size Consumers, Fur and  Ferre Underwear for men. He Also Came up with the younger market for GF Ferre and Gianfranco Ferre Fragrances Perceived to compete with DKNY and Calvin Klein's CK. Aside from Europe, he HAD Conquered the U.S. With His special product lines Such as Gianfranco Ferre and Ferre Jeans Line USA.
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