Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Perfect pair of Jeans

Perfect pair of Jeans

Denim jeans have been recognized as one of the most coveted casual clothes in the closet of the Western world. During the Second World War, jeans (mono then called) began to increase in popularity among U.S. soldiers regularly seen wearing them out of service, however, its dominant status was raided by James Dean strutted to Through the 1950's in their jeans

However, our relationship with the jeans can be a love-hate nature. We love to have this incredible pair in our closet. We can dress up or dress down. We can use them on a cold winters night "or in a warm sunny day. 

There are some things you need to take into account to find jeans that will simplify this process. 

1. Body type Knowing and understanding your body type is the key that unlocks the equivalent of Pandora's box in the world of fashion. For example, if you have full thighs, with a jean with a light touch is a great option because it will help balance your thighs. skinny jeans look fabulous in the right body type, but may also accentuate the thighs. Proceed with caution. 

Just because something is in style or fashion does not mean you need to use. You are more flattering fill your silhouette in yourself that is a tendency to add or visual age for your body weight.

2. How long climb is the natural elevation of the body (the bottom of your crotch to navel)? This will help you determine if you should use a great height, half height or low-rise pants. If your home is long, then you should choose jeans that also have a higher power. 

3. Wash Consider the times you are going to wear jeans. If you want a jean that will transition from office to evening, you want to find in a dark wash. dark jeans are more formal, while washed jeans are much more informal and unacceptable in the office. Have fun with color jeans on weekends and be sure to bring out their white jeans for summer fun. 

To stretch or not stretch marks stretch denim are fantastic, and they easily conform to your body, especially if you prefer a more fitted. Traditional denim stark reality is stretched as you use it, but leave a fallen vague until the next wash.
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Ajit Singh said...

when fatty ladies wear tight jeans its look bad. ur advise really good. fatty ladies have to wear some loose jeans , its look good..............

Kanza Khan said...

Hi Ajit, Well thanks for your comment, matter of the fact is that everyone chose the right jeans according to his or her body other wise jeans will blown away :)

I like what you write, keep reading my articles and keep writing i love it

Thanks & Regards

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