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Fragrance of Jean Patou Joy


French furrier Jean Patou Tanner moved from Normandy to Paris in 1910 intending to build a fashion house of the same name. Opened Maison Parry and sold his collection in 1914 at a single U.S. customer. As his fame was getting traction with customers of high fashion couture Paris World War intrusion. 

After serving as an officer in the war he returned to Paris and re-opened the fashion house. The "fin" style was popular after the war. 

Jean Patou developed the classic cardigan and won new fans for creating comfortable and natural fashion. In the 1920's fame grew further with the creation of the first designer necktie for men. 1928 saw the House of Patou as solar oil is introduced first, Huile heating. The product became a hit with many customers buy the oil for the sole offering sublime aroma. 

Joy was an immediate sensation. The perfume was presented in a collection box art-deco, and featured a beautiful Jean Patou silk scarf to match the graphics board each season. Joy is the world's most expensive perfume. 

Famous fashion designers still associated with the house of Jean Patou, as Karl Lagerfeld and Jean Kerleo. The family maintains control of the business until 2001 when it was sold to cosmetics giant to Procter & Gamble. 

For most of the past 75 years Joy by Jean Patou was the most expensive and best-selling brand fragrance second best in the world. Only Chanel No. 5 was more popular among customers worldwide perfume. For years, a 15 ml (1 / 2 ounce) bottle of Joy perfume sells for the equivalent of $ 250 U.S.. 

When the stock market crashed in 1929 the market for couture clothing also crashed. The House of Patou survived to be the first internationally market and distribute perfumes and scented bath luxury. The most famous was one of the first Jean Patou, Joy.

The success of the brand Jean Patou most of the past century is testament to the staying power of products that are unique, handmade crafts and perceived as something to aspire too. Fragrances that inspire consumers to create a unique loyalty. Hundreds of product lines, perfumes and scented bath and body comes. Most go quickly. To stand the test of time should result in a unique smell that delicious involves phonetic notes, classic bottle design, packaging subtle and exclusivity. 
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