Friday, 27 May 2011

WaterWise 8800 Water Distiller Purifier Review

WaterWise 8800 Water Distiller Purifier Review

The quality of our water is critical to our health, so having a water filter is very useful for removing harmful impurities in our tap water that allows us to live healthier and drink fresh water, taste better. 

Features 8800 Waterwise Water Distiller Purifier 

Automatic power off (work while asleep or away from home) 
No installation or assembly required 
stainless steel condensing coil 
Gallons/22.7 produces up to 6 liters of water in 24 hours 
Removable boiling tank provides easy filling and cleaning 

Water at your convenience 

Programmable function Waterwise the 8800 lets you set a timer to have fresh water, pure distilled at a time to suit you. This feature is ideal for creating fresh-tasting cup of tea or coffee in the morning. 


With this being a distiller no installation or assembly. The operation is very simple, just fill the removable boiler with tap water, plug it in and press the start button and let the distillation process to begin. The unit shuts off automatically after the water is boiled. 

An easy to use control panel is included that features an LCD display that shows numerous settings such as time, auto start and an indication of whether the filter needs changing. 

Water taste 

The taste of water that produces a water filter is an extremely important factor. I am pleased to say that water efficient irrigation 8.800 tastes incredibly fresh and clean. 

The steam distillation process removes harmful impurities, such as viruses, bacteria, arsenic, aluminum and mercury chloride, nitrate to supply clean water and safe for your family. 

A collector of Lexan pitcher with a capacity of 1 gallon is included. The jar has a carbon filter in the lid that runs water through after it has been distilled for purity even further. 

Concluding remarks 

It is one of the cheapest water filters on the market, but steam distilled water is the best available so you can get what you pay. 

In general, water efficient irrigation 8800 Distiller Purifier is a unique device. It is easy to see why it is recommended by nutritionists and many health professionals. The unit is attractive and compact so it blends well with other kitchen appliances, water produced is pure and the programming function offers great convenience of having fresh-tasting water whenever you want.



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