Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Guide to Eco-friendly Socks

Guide to Eco-friendly Socks

Ever wondered if she had splinters of bamboo walking in socks? I bet some of you do not realize that he could buy socks made of bamboo, but it can and these are the last of the socks of the environment. 

The socks are becoming more sophisticated as consumers become more demanding in what they wear on their feet, whether for physiological reasons, such as socks that claim to help maintain DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or in the bay due to the quality and comfort they offer. 

Recent reports indicate that the socks will grow up to 10% annual demand for luxury goods small price tags, such as socks increasingly popular during the austere as people still want to spoil and treat themselves economic periods gray. 

Socks that claim to be friendly to the environment are no exception and they are made of bamboo are proving as popular as those made from traditional fabrics such as wool and cotton blends. Fabrics made from bamboo yarn is not unique, however, the process of spinning the yarn material used has improved considerably and the fabrics made of bamboo are among some of the comfiest fabric softer and there, whether used alone or mixed with other fibers. 

There are considerable environmental benefits in the use of bamboo in the textile sector, especially because it is fast growing and offers great performances by area is farmed and also because it survives in such diverse climates, making it a very sustainable source . Consequently, there are several blows to the benefits, which include helping to reduce deforestation in general, greater water conservation as bamboo requires little irrigation, the contribution to reduce global warming as bamboo produces more erosion than C02, reduced soil and a reduction in the use of pesticides and fertilizers. 

The growing awareness of the industry and the manufacture of impact it is having on ecosystems, societies and the world at large has fueled a growing demand for clothing that is made from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly. Consequently, we are seeing an increasing presence of the brands that have organic lines and respectful of the environment as a way to connect and serve consumers who are committed to being green 

A particular brand is the French designer label, HOM and are known for their men's underwear design, but also have turned their attention to the production of bamboo socks for men. 

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