Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Understand Formal Shirts


Most people do not pay attention to the anatomy of formal wear, but neglect to pay attention to such things is to run the potential in a misstep. You see, although most people do not understand how they are constructed formal shirts, a group of people: fashion. 

What we're trying to say is that if you want to look good on a shirt, you must understand its component parts, and must translate this knowledge to inform his style. From collar stays for shirt pockets, it is important to understand what looks good and what is not. 

Start with the neck outside extravagant adornments such as rhinestones or drawings, the neck is the part of the shirt that draws the most attention. It is therefore important to choose a shirt with a collar that suits you. 

rounded collars are informal and tend to the child, avoid these if you want to appear demanding. Sharp collars are more formal and reflect a certain level of sophistication. By using strong collars neck is always used to ensure that the collar stay straight, depressed, and rigid. When choosing a shirt with a strong neck, make sure the neck stays can be removed, since they tend to deteriorate with washing, so the shirts will stay permanent Tatty earlier than shirts that allow rooms to be changed. 

By choosing the length of the necklace, opt for a long time if you have a strong jaw and long term, to divert attention from his chin. If you have a weak chin, opt for a shorter length jacket, and this seems a little long chin. 

The pouch: is the central part of the shirt, which are buttons. 

In general, it is better to have an opening that shows the buttons, instead of having extra strip of fabric that hides the buttons. This gives the shirt an added touch would be lost in case of hidden buttons. If necessary, the buttons can always be hidden by the use of a tie. 

Cut the bottom 
This is the cut of the shirt around the bottom. This area usually reveal if the shirt fits or not. If the shirt is fitted, the liner must enter a little sideways, and then cut well below the buttocks in a curved cut. 
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