Thursday, 26 May 2011

Nixon vega watches

Nixon vega watches

In 1997, Nixon watches manufacturers joined the watch company. They have attracted famous artists, athletes, politicians and other people around the world to use their unique designer watches

The first batch of watches was to athletes who were dedicated to surfing and skateboarding. Nixon Watches inventors had become the next commercial versions for everyone, not just for extreme sports enthusiasts. They range form the most resistant to the most glamorous. The demand for stocks rose sharply because they had successfully gained the trust of customers around the world. This is because these watches are high quality and functionality. The watches produced are considered as a perfect gift for someone who likes to be fashionable in the way Nixon. 

One of the series of demand is the Nixon Vega Watch Watches. They are intentionally made for glamorous and sophisticated women. They have a sleek and feminine which is well suited to women's fashion today. It has a set of blocks and a wrist display analog time. Has a dimension of 29 mm by 43 mm and has a polycarbonate, a material for acetate and hard stainless steel case back. The watch has three hands with Japanese quartz movement. In addition, there are a variety of options to the factory clocks Vega. A buyer can choose a Nixon Vega Watch has a black and white bracelet, dark wood or stainless steel or polycarbonate bracelet has a wide selection of colors. 

Another reason why these watches attracted many buyers because the company that became a reality to support organizations fighting breast cancer. A portion of each purchase goes to these organizations. While using these watches make a woman look gorgeous and fabulous, a breast cancer patient is happy at the same time. 

Nixon's capital was only $ 1 million when it started. Billabong, a company famous sportswear and casual clothing, but bought the 2006 Nixon watch company for a period of approximately $ 55 million. The maintenance of traditional manufacturing ideas made the new Nixon administration more and more customers around the world. 

On the other hand, take a step to help breast cancer patients in their own small way and help spread awareness of breast cancer by having their own Nixon Watches Vega and tell your friends have theirs too.
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