Monday, 30 May 2011

It seems 4 by 4 guys

It seems 4 by 4 guys

Every man has a look. Whether the sleek look of suede moccasins and stockings of lavender, the most harsh of a shirt buttoned to the top without a tie, or the townscape of high tops and hoodies. Whatever your issue, there are parts and accessories for spring accompaniment to make you feel like you.

The toff:

To the guy who the shops of Sloane Street, it is likely that after some colored clothing, light or cloth jackets this season. Am I right? And with the Blazers is possible that after colored socks, moccasins breathable, probably of leather or suede color and a pair of sunglasses cool design. Jewelry is kept to a minimum. Maybe a pink diamond ring, a gorgeous pair of binoculars and an expensive watch.

The urban cool dude:

This is the guy who keeps up with all the trends without being a maverick exaggerated. He has all the key pieces, but tends not to use them all at once and make a statement himself. He is the man in an old pair of jeans, the best new kicks, a hat and a T-shirt or printed graphics. This season is going to be looking for a new hat, some new shirts and a pair of lightweight scarves. It is sweet and strong in their own way. You will probably be wearing a stud in at least one ear.


The boxer:

Rebels tend to take fashion to a whole new level. Trends combined with a need or desire to use anything artistic. Opt for extravagant sunglasses, T-shirts, bright colors and styles that have trouble deciding whether or not fresh. Ie. the return of acid-washed jeans. This summer is going to be after the brightly colored jeans, low top shoes and the new portfolio. There is some maverick will not include in his team

The tough guy:

The tough guy is just that. Which is perhaps be a little intimidating. Who likes loud music and a killer look. He might sport baggy jeans and a host of sporting labels such as Adidas, Nike, and CC. Or it could be the guy who buttons up his shirt to the end, but then misses the tie. This season will be the purchase of new kicks and new shirts. This type tends to have an amount for each year and a chain around his neck. 

 Swimwear abdomen of control for all women


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