Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Night Bracelets

Night Bracelets 

Are you getting ready for a night on the town? It has happened to all of us - we find that the perfect dress, perfect shoes, we are all dressed and ready to go, and we realize that we lack the most important part of our team: a great bracelet! What? You say this has never happened to you? That's probably because they have not learned to appreciate the power of a large cuff.

The bracelets are the perfect piece of jewelry - not too small and imperceptible as earrings or rings, but not too flashy as general statement necklaces. 

Sometimes the best bands are the simplest. Consider embraced a fine yellow gold bangle bracelet - a thin and beautiful piece of jewelry that is sure to emphasize the wrists and look perfect with any outfit! Imagine you are looking fabulous with white pants and a sleeveless bright turquoise and a pair of kitten heels, but would be equally good with jeans and a shirt after a morning brunch. 

A beautiful piece that captures light and dazzle on the dance floor, this is a great gift of classic beauty of her life. Think of the girl who collects vintage summer dresses and loves Audrey Hepburn - this is the kind of piece! Shells are sold worldwide. 

No matter if you go to dinner in jeans and a shirt and you just want a little something extra or if you are looking for a dress glamorous and dazzling. 

Another fun option is a large carved jade bracelet. These pieces come in a variety of colors and that they can fend for themselves or rocked in a stack. Black, green, purple and red are your color choices - and they look great against a black mini dress on the dance floor or a costume all white (white shirt and loose jeans and heels white trim color ) at a party. Because there are no jewels in this bracelet, which is a little more casual, but easily can be used with nicer clothes if necessary. The sizes of these beautiful bracelets showcase traditional Chinese motifs with carved fish and knots lucky all the bracelet - is a piece that will bring a good dose of luck every time you use it! 

Here are some great bracelets, great for a night. Now, take the girls and get shopping!
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