Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Streamlining Your Closet


Here are a few helpful hints that you can use to de-clutter your wardrobe that are simple and effective. As you follow these instructions you will learn how to determine what you need to have in your closet and how that will help you in creating a beautifully functioning wardrobe.


Things you'll need:

• Mirror

• Blank sheet of paper

• Pencil/Pen

• All of the clothes you own

You're starting to get rid of the clutter in your closet! Now we can focus on maximizing the use of what you do have. Start going through your closet and making a mental note of what types of clothing you still have. Do you have dressy clothes, clothes you wear just for fun, cute, and casual things, clothes you wear for work, or clothes you wear for any other areas needed in your life? If not you need to fill those holes! Get your writing utensil and paper to list the areas you feel you need clothes i.e. work, dressy, casual, luncheons, going out on the weekends, etc.

To begin, go through your closet piece by piece. Don't leave anything out! Determine which items are still currently in style or completely timeless, and hang on to these! If it is completely out of style it is time to get rid of it! You can do this by donating, reselling at consignment if it is in good condition, garage sales, or if you just can't seem to quite give it up, box it away for someday where it may come back in style (warning you: this is not likely). 

The next consideration in this process is asking yourself... Does this even fit? If it doesn't why do you still have it! Ok possibly it may fit one day if you lose that weight you're trying to shed, and if you truly feel that way go ahead and box those items up too. However there are always some things that you know deep down inside will never fit no matter what, and it is time for those items to go! If you're not sure if something fits try it on. 

Hopefully you're starting to feel less overwhelmed when you think about your closet! You know what pieces of clothing you need so now it's just time to go out and get them. If it just isn't in the budget right now to purchase new clothes.

Tips & Warnings

All of the advice I have given can be used as a general guideline. When you do go shopping for new clothes you can maximize your purchases by sticking with neutral colors and making sure everything fits.


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