Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Colorful kids clothes

Colorful kids clothes

The use of colored suits is one of the biggest fashion trends for summer 2011 children. This trend is inspired by different styles of fashion runway. That's why adults and children will find plenty of colorful clothing in your local stores. As dictated by the fashion of temporary track, most colorful dresses are usually mixed with white elements: This means that it is completely fashionable colors are wearing suits, but is expected to combine at least some clothes white. I fully support this fashion to adults, but I think that children can use more colorful clothing than their parents. 

As mentioned above, the tendency of children of fashionable colors is due to the fashion runway for the adults who came in summer 2011. Many designers who make clothes for children also have their own collections for adults, therefore, parallels. Because it's so fashionable to be wearing colored clothes this summer, we gather gaudy costumes for our children. I looked at the different types of colorful children's clothing and was difficult to know where to draw the line in terms of color. Is it okay for your child dressed as a clown? No, definitely not. 

Take the two colors yellow and blue, for example. Yellow and blue is considered to be a combination very childish, because they are such different colors, blue is quiet and reserved, while yellow is energetic and sensitive. In the summer of 2011, however, you can combine these two colors. Depending on how you combine blue and yellow in a costume, your child can make a good impression of a clown. But consider this set in place: A blue shirt with some type of logo and yellow shorts. This is no child at all! As a matter of fact, this is very elegant and full fashion this year. 

Since I am a fan of colorful costumes, I really appreciate the momentary trend. While I totally agree with the fashion runway for adults, where they often add white to any set of colors, I recommend to parents to collect colored clothing for their children without worrying if they are different colors too or not. As I tried to explain this, it is only a matter of combination. What is true for summer 2011 is that you can combine all colors in the clothes of their children - provided you make the right combinations. I hope you enjoy this trend as much as me!
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I sure found a lot of great kids designer clothes here. I love the ones with the paw prints! They're just too cute!

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