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Travelling with your precious Jewelry? The best tips for trips

Travelling with your precious Jewelry? The best tips for trips

The world has become much smaller for us and for passengers and travel at any time of year. With flights to destinations around the world can now take advantage of good weather which is never. Many of us love to chase the sun. 

Dreaded Packing 

The worst part of planning a trip to pack their belongings apparently the smallest bag, box or bag. It is tempting to take everything with us, but unfortunately, when you try to squeeze too much on our assignment, our precious objects could be damaged. Of course, you want to take that fabulous pair of jewelry earrings he gave her for her birthday, and large Jewelry engagement ring adored, but there are some decisions to be taken to protect your valuables. Here are some tips for keeping safe: ~ 

• You may use your diamond engagement ring and / or wedding band, but there is no doubt that you will have to other gems in his luggage. First, make sure your jewelry is insured for the correct amount and that your insurance covers loss outside your home and holiday destination. Many of us miss this as we acquire more pieces. It's a good idea to do an overview of this before you travel. 

• If you use public transportation, trains, airplanes, even in some cases, keep the jewelry with you. Having a big bag you can easily keep your jewelry with your other personal possessions, preferably one with a strap across the body. 

• When flying, keep your jewelry in your carry-on games, and never in your checked baggage. sophisticated detection devices at airports can take valuables. It is better to have them on their person a beat away in the luggage of an airplane. 

• Make two lists of valuables you are taking with you, leaving one at home with photos of the items. If by some chance should get a piece of broken or stolen or lost. 

• In your hotel, jewelry store in your safe deposit box, or valuable points in the hotel safe which is more secure than your room. 

• Pack your jewelry with care. Wrap each piece separately in cloth before putting them into your jewelry case. This prevents parts from rubbing together can cause scratches or cracks.

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