Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Stuhrling Watches


Swiss watchmakers have been producing the world's finest timepieces for over four centuries now. Even after all these years, watches are an important part of the Swiss economy. In fact, only chemicals and electronics rank higher on the list of exports. How is this possible?

The British and the French ruled the proverbial roost until Swiss watchmakers developed a new timekeeping technology in the 1960s. These watches were powered by quartz technology, i.e., digital technology. 

In the end, the so-called Quartz Revolution was both a blessing and a bane for watchmakers in Switzerland. On the plus side, it did make them the world's number one exporter of timepieces. However, these new digital models put a lot of old-world masters out of work. 

Where are we now?

Like most new technologies, the appeal of quartz-powered watches eventually began to fade. Yes, they were accurate and affordable, but many of them looked, Working professionals wanted timepieces that combined modern styles with old-fashioned craftsmanship. In the next few paragraphs, we will discuss a new company that does just that.

Stuhrling Original was founded in 1999 by a businessman who has three generations of Swiss watchmakers in his family. Max Stuhrling IV choose to enter the incredibly mature watch market because he believed he could carve out a niche for his new company with high-quality, stylish timepieces. 

Apocalypse Skeleton

The name might be a bit off-putting, but the watch is actually quite fetching. It is an automatic timepiece, which means that it is powered by cogs, gears and jewels, rather than electronic pulses. Because they are less expensive to produce, most new companies start with quartz-powered electronic watches. 

The Apocalypse Skeleton is a unique timepiece that uses the fact that it is a mechanical model to its aesthetic advantage. The design is referred to as a skeleton because the watch dial is open and it lets the wearer observe the inner moving parts of the watch.

Sportsman's Eagle

Like most contemporary watchmakers, Stuhrling Original offers a full line of sports watches. These watches are designed for use in the outdoors and for sports-related activities. The Eagle is a rugged timepiece that has an oversized case and an easy to read black dial.

Classic Heritage

Stuhrling Original has gained a reputation as a maker of eye-catching timepieces. But even for them, the Classic Heritage is on the ostentatious side. The watch features a 16 karat gold rose-toned case, a black mother-of-pearl watch dial, and rose-gold toned hour hands in leaf style. 



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