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Source Twins ( COUPLINGS)


Have you ever wondered where it originated from twins? Twins have been a staple in men's fashion to literally hundreds of years, only briefly out of fashion in the mid-twentieth century. Normally used for formal or special occasions, twins can also be used for work or as part of the wardrobe of every day, of a man. 


Almost 800 years ago, something known as a twin was invented. Before his invention, tailors use only the buttons as a form of decoration. The men keep their clothes along with ribbons, pins, ribbons and laces. It was not until the 13 th century tailors who began using the buttons as a means of securing clothes. 

French cuff shirts 

In the 17th century, the most striking glass button, but less expensive was invented as an alternative to diamonds. In the 18 th century, a new material known as glass paste, which was zero glass and carved gemstones appeared, came into widespread use and became a popular material for covering the buttons and cufflinks. The English custom soon spread to France. 

In 1845, the novel by Alexander Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo, was published in which a description of the dual French-cuffed shirt was established. Although it has been said that the description of the sleeves back become the characters of Dumas French tailors inspired to start production doubled, cuffs (now known as French cuffs), the twin National Society claims that there the possibility of this is not the true origin of the shirt. 

Cufflinks for all classes 

The use of twins spread like wildfire in the 19 th century. Imitation precious stones (such as molten glass, crystal and Micah, as well as gold plate and silver plate-were used by jewelers to twins who were accessible to the masses. In the Victorian era were crucial to twins every gentleman's wardrobe. 

In the 1920's, jewelers came up with an easier way for men to dress in the morning with the invention of the t-post and twin hinged lid. Twins snap together in the 1930's. low-end manufacturers pumped millions of economic Twins 1930-early 1960's. 

With the popularity of the shirts buttoned to the 60 and 70, demand vanished twin. It was not until the 1980's and again in recent years, French cuff shirts have regained their popularity. Twins have gone back to popularity, as many business professionals as well as men who like to customize or give a good impression, are beginning to invest in fashion accessories for men. 

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