Thursday, 26 May 2011

Pumps shoes

Pumps shoes

From Imelda Marcos to Hollywood celebrities, a large collection of shoes is now standard on most women's wardrobes. The truth of the matter is that women need more shoes than men, and since using different pairs of shoes each partner gets less wear and keep our shoes more. Men replace their shoes, women do not and do not throw things right. 

Sitting before walking shoes shoes 

If you're going to be doing a lot of walking, stumbling on a pair of high heels is not a good idea. Even the most beautiful shoes are not worth the pain or a fall, save them to sit at the date. Step aside, you can still look fabulous. The styles that are perfect for hoofing that are flat and flat lace. Many stories come in styles adorned with fancy embellishments on the finger. 

Shoes arrive in style 

Lace-ups are ideal for the gym, but if you crave something a little more va-va-Voom, go for a pair of platforms or wedges. The new style flat bed is formed as a story forward and easy to walk, just be careful to twist an ankle. Platform heels are also a little easier to take than regular heels, because your foot is lifted, you get more height without increasing the angle of heel in relation to the feet. 

For example, 5-inch platform heels will feel like 4 inches, depending on the height of the platform. Wedges are another great option to walk. Height wedges offer more stability and because there is more surface contact with the ground and your weight is distributed over a larger area instead of just the heel. If you have not tried the wedge, test them, are surprisingly easy to walk in. 

Shoes flattering leg shape 

When it comes to dress shoes, think about the shape of the leg more than the style of shoe that you like. ankle-strap shoes better job of slender legs. All that puts a horizontal line through the legs are made to appear shorter, so that women with long legs also do better in the ankle-strap styles. 

D'Orsay is a lesser known style of shoe that is open on the inside of the shoe, like a coin with two, and closed on the outside like a bomb. A two-piece style is material through the blade to expose the toes, and on top. Due to the horizontal line created, two-piece styles work better with thinner legs.


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