Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How to be STYLISH on a BUDGET

How to be STYLISH on a BUDGET

1. It's expensive, always in style

Not necessarily, the style does not always translate into expensive. You can spend all you want or in some cases even more than they can pay and still not like the outcome. Remember that the clothes, the designer is not the answer, the key is to create a unique style of his own costumes and more importantly you will too. Every time you make a purchase, ask yourself these questions: 

Is this appropriate attire for my figure? 

Is this kept my skin color? 

However, this does not mean you should ignore the quality and design. There are plenty of options for finding good deals to get fashion accessories and quality clothing. 

2. Learning from past mistakes 

If you are going to be your own boss of trial and error should be your modus operandi. It may be easier to shop online, but when it comes to styling, nothing beats the old way "prove" the path. Go through colors, cuts, shapes and designs carefully to decide what suits you and it would be helpful in creating a new look. Comparisons of the earlier decision in which bad decisions made with combinations of colors and accessories. 

3. Create a collection 

You need to bring an entirely new collection. The reason, just because some clothes in this catalog have similar color scheme, does not necessarily mean that suits worn together. Re-inventing its style is much easier when you have the luxury of choosing from a wide range of designs, colors and shapes. 

4. Be careful 

Create a new collection does not mean running wild on a shopping spree. basic objective of this exercise is that you do not have to. There is a fundamental difference between a library and a lot of values. 

5. Be patient 

You have to stay focused and patient throughout this process. You are not going to make sense of style to the side during the night. Get ideas from fashion magazines and blogs, but not blind testing. If Kate Middleton looked stunning in a dress that does not mean it will suit you well. Consider each combination well wonder what this will look good on me. Once you've been at it for a time that was to come with their own unique ideas, before you know it.

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