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Change your LOOK with some color CONTACT LENSES

Change your LOOK with some color CONTACT LENSES 

Fashion trend is exciting and is always changing. You can now change your hair color and style in an instant and in another moment you may decide to change your makeup and eye color to suit other events or function. Eye color change is a growing trend among teens and young adults. This trend is so popular because color contact lens is easy to apply and can instantly see the result without much effort. 

Colored contact lenses are very interesting and fun, are available in many colors and styles, each style or design can serve different purposes. There are also contact lenses for parties or special events like Halloween and costume party. 

color lenses with improved tone 

People with light eyes are more appropriate for this type of lens. 

This type of lens colors to enhance your natural eye color without changing its original color of your eye. This goal is partially transparent, so that the natural pattern of your iris is visible through it, creating attractive eyes that looks very realistic. 

Many design companies contact lenses color contact lenses for light eyes. This type of lens to brighten the eyes, giving them an impressive and attractive color. 

color tinted lenses opaque 

People with dark eye color are best suited for this type of lens. 

This type of color lenses can change eye color completely! The lens is specially designed to simulate the natural pattern of the iris, so your goal will look realistic, even if you have a different eye color. The most popular colors for this type of lenses are blue and jade green.

5 Important Tips for color lenses - 

1 .. Care and cleaning of contact lenses color is still very important. It is important to keep in contact lens solution and wipe after each use. 

2. Do not use colored lenses for a long time, 6-8 hours per day is the maximum recommended by most doctors 

3. color contact lenses are available with corrective vision power or Plano (zero power) 

4. A doctor's prescription for color contacts, even if only for cosmetic purposes 

5. If you feel uncomfortable after wearing tinted lenses, stop using it and ask for help from a qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist 

Have a good time with color contact lenses exciting.

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