Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Salwar kammez indo pak costume


The salwar kameez is a traditional costume found in the wardrobe of every woman in India. This team is a remnant of the Mughal era and therefore has been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial. The kameez is the top which is generally below the knees and the salwar is a kind of loose trousers. This is generally used with a dupatta, but you can go without it. 

This piece of garment has undergone major changes in terms of style, form and length. Now the kameez can also be used with a pair of leggings called traditionally churidars. Its length has been reduced and are often above the knees or nearly skimmed the knees. Punjabis usually wear a very short kameez with a burning version of the salwar. Using a normal kameez, light colored with a bright salwar is very simple and popular style. 

The salwar kameez has evolved from a suit for the middle class to poor adjustment of equipment to be used for weddings. salwar kameez design is gaining popularity for its simplicity and beautiful hand craftsmanship. A salwar suit is the right choice if you want to go for a semi-formal look. 

The suit salwar India is a versatile you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. A pair of stilettos, steep slopes and watch a good team can dress more simple. The trend today is also pushing to be minimalist and not overload yourself with more accessories. 

The most popular style is making the rounds inspired Anarkali in Mughal courts of old. This is a kameez burned from the chest down sometimes reaches almost to the toes. It's a big team and you can use anywhere, as long as it is an important black tie event. A Anarkali can make you look regal and statuesque. Use with high heels and nice accessories that makes the perfect outfit for a wedding in.

A salwar suits are available in fabrics, colors and styles. Choose the right one for you do not have to be difficult, since most designers make clothes of all kinds one. All you need do is visit a store and try the styles available. 

Designers often work with zardosi, crystals, stones, Zari and other decorations for the salwar kameez beautiful. Using embroidery and printing are other popular and beautiful design of a salwar kameez. 

The team has evolved over the years and now looks like a piece of classy, ​​elegant and feminine clothes much preferred by foreigners for its simplicity and the comfort factor. 
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