Monday, 30 May 2011

As retail Shopping therapy

As retail Shopping therapy

The Bible clearly states: "Money answers all things." The same applies to shopping. Through purchases a person can acquire new things.

Why look at shopping as therapy?

Stress reliever: After a day of work, plus all the stresses involved, you can choke all the frustrations and go out and buy anything. This could include chocolates, ice cream, to name a few.

Bring a little excitement: This is true in cases where an individual wants to purchase or possess a particular subject, without success due to cost constraints. However, during a shopping spree in particular, this person must go to earth in a store that offers the same product at a reasonable price, I am inclined to believe that levels of arousal associated with this discovery can not be measured.

Creates avenues for networking: When crossing at different malls, you get a chance to run into friends or even make friends. This usually occurs when a person feels less valued, but on leaving the store, he or she meets another buyer to ask for an opinion about what you intend to purchase. Trust me, It feels good when you help a fellow customer to leave a shopping center with an item that looks good on them, giving them honest feedback.

No manual: About 90 percent of time an individual is governed by certain rules and practices. It makes one feel as if we were living in an open prison. However, this is not the case when it comes to shopping. There are no fixed rules about how, when or even where to shop. All these decisions are left to the discretion of individuals. All a person needs to adhere to when buying out your style of fashion and money.

Takes place in us an innate ability to make decisions: When shopping, one is able to choose where to buy, what products to buy, the total money available for spending. The decision-making skill is best demonstrated when you decide to buy a particular item over another.

Shopping is therapeutic so many ways. You do not need money to go shopping. This is because window shopping that can provide therapeutic benefits above. All it takes is one to avoid becoming addicted to shopping, as this implies that the individual start shopping around for a rehabilitation center for shopaholics. 


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