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How to choose jewelry perfect for dancing

How to choose jewelry perfect for dancing

A perfect dance group can not go without jewelry. After deciding on her dress and hairstyle, you need to think about dance jewelry. Be careful. It can make or break your overall appearance. Take your time and read these tips below. You will know more about choosing the best jewelry to complement your prom look. 

Keep in mind three rules. 

Jewelry is to complement, not dominate. You do not want to hang bright jewels to steal all the attention of her dress. It takes a balanced look. Do not all together as jewelry pieces that make you look tacky and flashy. Pick two or three pieces of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. 

Here are some ideas detailed matching. 

Until or short hair - you can play with different types of earrings. Earrings, drop earrings and rings all look elegant with these two hairstyles. If you have a long, thin neck, chandelier earrings will be the best. Add bold necklace if you like, or use a simple collar to avoid clashing with the outstanding views. 

Long hair down - you need a pair of earrings that make a statement in this case. Asparagus not shown here. Bigger, bolder still to be felt with a flattering look. Now spend a bold necklace and a bracelet. 

strapless - a bold piece collar perfectly matches with strapless dresses. Just make sure the collar does not touch the fabric. If you prefer a simple elegant necklace, add a pair of earrings to make a fuller look. 

turtleneck dress - Turn necklace or bracelets earrings elegant good taste. 

square neck dress - a square neck dress is a wonderful setting to display a choker collar and back. A diamond cut glass or hanging is also a great option. 

V-neck or sweetheart dress - Adaptation of the V-neck with a long necklace or pendant to compliment the empty area above the chest. The collar should end halfway between the neck and the tip of the V or sweetheart neckline. 

When shopping for your jewelry dance, it is better to choose not only accentuate the whole dance, but also be appropriate for your computer to the day after the prom. Remember, good jewelry is best to use to lie in the case of jewelry

Search local centers of antiques, vintage clothing stores, art galleries and online stores, you'll find the perfect jewelry that sets you apart from the crowd. 
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