Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Movado Watches


To truly love wristwatches is to admire more than simply a way to tell the time. Connoisseurs of fine timepieces recognize that a watch is not simply a functional bracelet, but also a miniature work of fine art.

The designers at Movado know this, and that is why they put just as much effort into the inside of their wristwatches as they do the outside. Every Movado watch produced is subject to a rigorous approval process before it is allowed to be released to the public.

Movado Men's Fiero Swiss Quartz Tungsten Carbide Tonneau Case Bracelet Watch

The dial itself is a rounded-off square and is surrounded by sparkling sapphire crystals. Save for another crystal at 12:00, the black dial has very few embellishments. Below the 12:00 hour (signified by the crystal dot), you can find the word "MOVADO." Above 6:00 are the words "SWISS MADE."

Movado Men's Diamond Accent Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

There are some things in this life that are just made to become a family heirloom. When a father buys a vintage automobile, he certainly is thinking about his own experiences he will have jaunting around town in it. But he is also dreaming of the day that he can pass it on to his own son.

But a stainless steel case isn't the only thing encircling the dial. There are also sparkling diamond accents around the bezel of the watch. These delightful diamonds even rest at every single hour position on the dial.

Swiss quartz movement keeps the hands of this watch meticulously counting down the hours and minutes. It secures to the wrist using a deployant clasp at the end of a stainless steel bracelet. Give your family the gift of a high quality heirloom-to-be with this unmistakable option from Movado.

Movado Women's Circle Design Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

This gorgeous circle design watch from Movado is as much a beautiful piece of jewelry as it is a functional timepiece. Made in the fashion of an ornate bracelet, it also has that signature Movado style on the dial itself.

True watch lovers of every stripe are savvy enough to appreciate the uncompromising beauty of an elegant Movado watch. All of these incredible styles look fabulous today, and are sure to maintain their integrity for years to come.

This watch runs off of Swiss quartz movement and secures with a jewelry clasp. Give the woman in your life (or yourself!) the gift of this timeless timepiece.


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The diamond accents are really stunning. What a beautiful watch but looks a bit expensive. I did look at a review which let me know that sometimes the watches can be found for cheaper prices. Is this true? Have you heard of this?

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