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Wellington BOOTS begin's every where in France

 Wellington BOOTS begin's every where in France 

While rubber boots today are generally attributed to the first Duke of Wellington, and his name has been used to describe, originally made of burlap and leather and the product we know today, rubber, began his life in France, when a man named Hiram Hutchinson saw the possibility of using the product of vulcanized rubber invented by Charles Goodyear in starting production. Goodyear took the route of manufacture of tires and what a good decision it was. I remember all those years ago, there were three or four highway lanes wide full of engines, as there are today. Goodyear has the vision to see how to develop the transport of decades? 

Hutchinson decided to get a patent and the making of boots, and a good decision was made. Moving to France, where the vast majority of the population worked the land in the middle of the nineteenth century, Hutchinson soon found his Wellington boot factory the ability to work and their business was greatly expanded. 

French peasant communities could soon keep your feet dry. France has abundant precipitation, often falling in torrential rain and even though life was still harsh, hot, dry feet are a luxury suddenly. 

While the UK was more industrialized and urbanized, the demand for rubber boots, but it was so big. Outside the farming community, water could combat boots wet and muddy streets, and improved shoe choices of workers from a range of industry, either cast iron, mining, shipbuilding, or engineering. 

The UK has its share of winter rain and that hard rubber footwear was soon as a godsend. 

More factories came to make these rubber boots and the cost of production was such that the prices were within the range of the common man and woman. rubber boots everywhere. 

The twentieth century had two world wars and the pictures of the visit of the first are the flooded ditch and drowned in the front line reached a dead end. They soaked trenches were only one of a series of horrible things in that useless war. Rubber boots provides a slight relief, but probably only distract from a young soldier suffering some other difficulties. 

The Duke would have been happy to see his boots have some benefit in a military role but perhaps could not have foreseen the environment of trench warfare.

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