Thursday, 2 June 2011

Shorts for summer fun

Shorts for summer fun

Some people spend all winter in the gym just so that when summer rolls around, you can display the magnificent GAMS who worked so hard. In general, when you live in a place where the weather warms in summer, shorts are a must for comfort and active during the hot summer heat swells. So how can one look cute when you're out sticky, sweaty hot? Thanks to our fashion experts from the university, you now have a short list of cute short styles and sets from last throughout the summer sun. 

1. For casual summer fun, you can never go wrong with a pair of short classic cut jeans. Breakpoints are comfortable and versatile. For a couple ready beach suit their points of intersection with the tank and flip-flop over his swimsuit. For a walk during the day in the city, use them with sneakers and a T-shirt graphics in bright colors. For a fresh look jeans, boots and a link to BC. The best part about cutting short films is that they are a good way to recycle old clothes. 

2. Although cargo shorts are usually a male trend this summer, cargo shorts are appearing in women's clothing collections everywhere. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger and Jason Wu shorts have built in styles for women. There are several good things about this trend. On the one hand, sagging cargo shorts made very comfortable. Second, a student of fashion will tell you that is a great way to experiment with the combination of masculine and feminine style. For example, you can use a tight-fitting pants and high heels, then add a jacket to top off the team. 

3. Another trend of the summer is very hot leather shorts. leather shorts are interesting because they are a higher turn of fashion in casual pants look. For a hot summer night out in town, couple of sexy leather pants with platform heels and a low-cut blouse. Fashion ensure college: all eyes will be on you in leather shorts. 

Summer has begun, and is suitable to be hot here until September! However, just because you sweat buckets not mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense. Stay calm and get some color on the legs swinging these impressive short styles and find more of your own! 

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