Friday, 3 June 2011

How to choose the color of the dress for the summer

How to choose the color of the dress for the summer 

You will have plenty of fun and entertainment in the summer, the season bright light throughout the year. When choosing your favorite dresses for this happy occasion, we can not consider the dress and the quality only. In fact, the color of the dress is a factor as important. Want to know the best color for summer dresses? Read on and get the answer. 

Hot summer 2011 color trends 

You never want to be outside, keep up with the latest fashion is a necessity. Let's see colors higher this season. 

Various shades of pink and coral colors abound in almost every spring / summer fashion collections. These neon shades of pink, salmon and pink watermelon show temperament and soft feminine woman for the better. 

bright shades of yellow family are essential for summer dress, 2011. Orange, lemon, chartreuse, daffodils, mustard - just be free to choose in all possible variations and show their passionate and energetic nature. 

Blue dress and that is certainly in fashion. Produce a fresh and lively with aquamarine and cerulean blue, or give a sense of nobility and quiet with the navy, indigo and sapphire. It is also easy for the blue team with other colors and patterns. 

Earth tones claim space for this season's fashion style of the 70 in the trend. Black is no longer the only color that speaks of elegant sophistication of users. Now you can add a vintage atmosphere to your wardrobe with dresses in earth tones. Red, ocher, ocher and sienna are great choices. 

Their conversations skin color 

Fashionable or not, the color of the dress should complement your skin tone, especially in summer, when exposed to most meat. 

Spring skinned people look better with warm colors and bright as yellow gold, aquamarine, coral, bright blue. appropriate tone for the summer are pastels and light neutral color. For example, lavender, plum, and pale yellow complexion and accentuate summer. People with skin colors of autumn should dress in earth tones or colors with golden hues. Try gold, orange, camel and burgundy. Winters should go for rich colors and crystal clear blue and dark pink. Slight and soft pastel colors, in this case. 

Consider your body shape 

Summer is the season that your body shape can be seen more clearly. It's great if you have the enviable figure and show whatever you like. On the other hand, is a completely different story.
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