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Seven Tips to look more stylish this summer

Seven Tips to look more stylish this summer

Ever wanted to see a little more like Jackie O? A bit more refined, polished and sophisticated? It is easy to adjust the image with some subtle changes in your wardrobe! Here are seven tips that give it a sleeker look this summer! 

1. Use solids instead of the patterns in their clothing. Solids are more formal and more sophisticated and formal articles with prints on them. 

2. With satisfying, using high contrast colors between the suit and shirt. (Charcoal or navy suit with a white blouse). Make sure your suit is well equipped. 

3. My hair instead of decreasing. This is a very elegant hairstyle, with the focus to the face and make you look taller and more sophisticated.

4. Minimize jewelry and accessories. Think simple and sober. Pearls are always elegant. Smaller delicate jewelry is more sophisticated than the big, heavy jewelry. Stay away from fashion jewelry and articles to draw attention away from your computer. 

5. Simple, classic shoes are best. There's something classic pump is sexy, elegant and refined. For summer, a peep toe or strappy sandals are a great alternative. Stay away from fashion, shoes crude. 

6. Make sure your clothing has smooth lines, and it fits perfectly. Small changes in your clothes can make a big difference in your look. Even a half inch on the length or a facelift in the waist can make your computer was custom view. 

7. Accessories and makeup should be tasteful and discreet. Wearing a polka great point with his impressive equipment bag removed from the elegance of it, like lipstick bright blue eye shadow or bright red. Keep it simple! The colors also make a difference. Dark colors are more powerful and sophisticated than the lighter colors.

If you want to appear more accessible, to continue or light beige. If you want to appear more "in charge" and "powerful", to continue with darker tones. Finally, make sure your fingernails are clean. Polish color should be very clear or transparent. You do not want to draw attention to their nails. Vibrant red and pink pull away from the elegant look. The same goes for your fingers! It's easy to get that "look elegant." Think simple, refined, sober and large. Subtle changes can make a difference in the world!

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Henar said...

Aww, this is lovely,
I love it!

Henar ♥

Kanza Khan said...

Henar!!! Thanks for your Comment, If you loving it then I'm sure I will write more beautiful Articles like that one. Appreciated


Carly said...

Great tips here..especially about keeping accessories simple...I love great accessories..but no need to wear a MILLION of them at once..pick one or two great pieces and leave it at that...otherwise it people are looking at all your accessories as opposed to your entire outfit.

Kanza Khan said...

Yeah Well said!!! But i must say here, accessories are made for used really and we can some times stay out of our reach and don't used them.

Kanza Love,

RockRushIndia said...

This necklace looks nice and could wear this with any outfit.

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