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everyone like this fashion all time

everyone like this fashion all time

Fashion design is about creating and inventing something new, something never done before. This is to show your talent and create something completely new and you.

This is a use of freedom of innovation and creativity and give shape to what you have in your mind.

Technically, fashion design is an art. There is a balanced use of the beauty of design and aesthetics on clothing and other accessories.

Fashion is not just about giving form to what's on your mind, but also keeps the consumer's mind and culture and society to which he belongs. Strange things do not always work, so it is essential that consumer tastes and preferences are also taken into account.

Should be something that can be used by people and which also form part of the inspiration that other designers to achieve. The clothing design can be changed to create the millions of similar but different.

There are a lot of play between the colors, patterns, textures, etc.

So let's understand the occupation of these people, the fashion designers. Fashion designers are people who work for any number of days in a month depending on your convenience.

They can work as a freelance designer and can also work as a designer for a company. In the second case as the designers of the house.

Thus, a freelance to work independently. He / she would, as he or she then will the market. It could open a start her own store or sell to a number of shops that sell directly to customers.

So how to design a piece to happen? Well, it happens as follows.

Once there is satisfaction in tissue cheaper, then the person can perform in real tissue.

As its name suggests, fashion designer, the first word that is most important is fashion.

So let's understand the types of fashion.

1. High Conture

This means that high fashion. This is a much more personalized type of fashion in which each individual depending on their size makes the creation. This is usually very expensive and the material used for it is also quite expensive.

2. Ready to go

The ready to wear fashion is a middle way between the high and Conture mass market.

3. Mass market

This means doing things that will be fine for something that everyone adapts to the local feelings of the regional population. This system uses standard measurements.

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